Compounding Pharmacy FAQs

What is Pharmaceutical Compounding?

Compounding is the traditional pharmacy practice of making customised medications to optimise health outcomes for individual patients. Utilising the latest information, technology and techniques trained compounding pharmacists can provide options for patients whose unique needs aren’t met by “off the shelf” products.

What options does compounding provide?

There are many reasons why a pharmacist may compound medication. A growing number of patients are unable to tolerate medications because of preservatives, flavours or colours and it is often possible to compound the required medication without these additives.

In tailoring medication for individual patients, we are able to offer some unique delivery systems to make dosing medication easier, for example; transdermal drug delivery from a cream or applicator stick, sublingual lozenges, effervescent drinks and lollipops.  We can often compound medication into a larger capsule to reduce the number of capsules required per day or a smaller capsule to make the medication easier to swallow.

Medication that has been discontinued by a manufacturer can often be compounded, as can medication of a higher or lower strength than is available “off the shelf”. The opportunities to help patients and prescribers with their medication needs are limitless…. and very exciting!

Do I need a prescription from my doctor?

Good communication between the patient, doctor and pharmacist is essential to providing positive health outcomes. Depending on the scheduling of the particular medication, a prescription may be required from your doctor before the pharmacist can compound the medication for you. The pharmacists here at My Life My Health Compounding welcome enquiries from customers and prescribers alike.

Where is my medication compounded?

My Life My Health Compounding has invested in a specially designed compounding laboratory. This laboratory and our offices are located in the basement of Wickham House. The temperature controlled laboratory is equipped with modern equipment, as well as the traditional mortar and pestle! Our laboratory operates to the high standards defined in our Standard Operating Procedures.  All ingredients used in our compounding are pharmacopeial grade and have been independently quality assured. Our compounds are subject to in-house and external quality assurance testing and our computer system ensures that each and every weight is double checked and recorded.