My Releaf  Medicinal Cannabis Clinic

What is Medicinal Cannabis?

Medicinal Cannabis is the term used to describe pharmaceutical grade products and is derived from the scientific name of the cannabis plant. Research has shown it is the chemicals within the plant, known as cannabinoids that can be beneficial to several medical conditions. It is a term used to differentiate between the medicinal aspects of the plant and the use of marijuana as an an illegal recreational drug.

The main compounds derived from the cannabis plant are  THC and CBD. These are formulated into oils, capsules and dried herb. To break it down, THC is what causes the ‘high’ feeling, but it has also been found to reduce nausea, vomiting, pain, muscle spasms and improve sleep and appetite. CBD has been found to reduce the ‘high’ caused by THC, and may also be effective for seizures, pain and to reduce anxiety. Terpenes are also present in the plant and together with the cannabinoids form what’s termed the “entourage effect”.  Together, THC, CBD and the Terpenes may benefit a range of conditions.

About the Special Access Scheme (SAS)

The SAS allows certain health practitioners to access medicines, medical devices or biologicals that are not included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods for a single patient. There is a strict process that needs to be followed before authorisation to presribe these products can occur. View the TGA-SAS website here.

Am I eligible for medical cannabis?

To be eligible for medical cannabis in Australia, you must have a condition for which there is some evidence that medical cannabis helps. Patients must also have tried conventional treatments for that condition and found them to be ineffective. 

    Our doctors will be able to advise you if your condition is an eligible condition and worthy of an approval application being submitted to the TGA and Queensland Health.

    Click here to see if you are eligible.

    Where is the consultation?

    Consultations are available face to face in our clinic on Wickham Tce. Brisbane or via Telehealth.

    Do I get a Medicare Rebate?

    Fees are not bulk-billed but a Medicare rebate may apply to face to face consultations.  Telehealth consultations are not eligible for a Medicare rebate.



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