The Group Keto Sessions

The Group Keto Sessions are small group sessions for your Introduction to Kick Start your Keto journey. We also have sessions for week 4 and week 8 follow up group sessions. If you are doing “The One Keto” you will have One on One consultations however you can attend The Group Keto sessions if you choose but you will still need to book in with reception to secure your group spot.

To book in for The Group Sessions please use the booking below. If you have any troubles, please call My Life My Health medical reception on 3832 2888.

I started the lifestyle program in November 2017, from the beginning I was impressed with the level of professionalism, and quality of the content provided.

I started the program as I was curious about KETO and the benefits, I have to say it was very easy for me and the weight just dropped off.  Within a few weeks I had lost 11kgs of which I have maintained months later.

The program was very informative, the weekly emails were great, I tell many of my friends and clients about the program.

I would highly recommend!

Wade, November 2017

“My Life My Health’s PowerHouse Lifestyle Program has dramatically changed my life for the better. I remember sitting in the Doctors’ surgery and being told I was type 2 diabetic and thinking to myself, I have to change this. I just didn’t know how.

My doctor suggested going to see Rachel and Des. It was the  best decision I have made and value for money. Rachel and Des are there with you, supporting you every step of the way. After a month on the program I went to see my doctor and she could not believe the amount of weight I had lost and she doubled checked just to be sure!

When Rachel first told me I would be drinking coffee for breakfast and only having  450 grams of food for the rest of the day I remember laughing and thinking this is going to be tough. To my great delight it wasn’t, the PowerHouse coffee with butter filled me.  The recipes Des has created are delicious and my whole family are following the program. My husband is very happy as he has lost 13 kgs in 8 weeks.

I would strongly recommend undertaking this life style change and journey with Rachel and Des. I am ecstatic that my blood sugar readings are now in the normal range and continue to improve. This program is literally a life altering experience. I feel fabulous, have so much more energy and can’t remember ever being this happy in past.  If this wasn’t enough motivation  I have also dropped 3 dress sizes in just 8 weeks.”

Kim, August 2017

“After years of restrictions, like low fat, low calorie, and yo yoing – up of a weekend and taking all week to get back down, I feel I have finally found a peaceful place with the foods I can enjoy, without feeling guilty or hungry.

Weekends I can join my husband with eggs and bacon, tomato/mushrooms and maybe one slice of toast for breakfast with butter. I never thought I would ever find a substitute for my toast and vegemite for breakfast but breakfast is now chicken broth with cauliflower and celery blended into it with a dob of sour cream. That keeps me going, even at the gym because I have enough energy. I have a nice lunch and snack of an evening or a small Protein based meal.  I don’t have the hunger any more.

You were right to say be patient, what is actually happening is that my old habits had to be replaced with new ones.  My head is clearer too. I don’t get the bloated feeling that I didn’t realise I was getting, until my new eating habits became the daily norm.

The main thing is that the fat in my diet is satisfying and I have learnt to reduce the desire to eat and I now recognise true hunger much better. Reducing the guilt has made food a friend not the enemy. I would encourage anyone to be strong, be patient and to eat fats. It’s worked for me.

Thank you for encouraging me to be patient and to trust you. This has enabled me to find my way to an eating plan that defies old dietary beliefs, and is sustainable.”

Judy, September 2017