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MyFuel is a unique boutique Coffee Hub serving Brisbane’s best coffee from our local friends at The Coffee Roaster in West End. Bart is our knowledgeable Barista and will create your coffee while engaging you in interesting conversation.

You can choose from a variety of milks, including Maleny Dairy full cream or fat reduced, soy, coconut, almond and Zymil. For those who don’t drink coffee we have a selection of other beverages such as juices, teas, kombucha and hot chocolate.  A select range of snacks are available too; protein snack bars, activated & roasted nut mixes, broccoli chips, seaweed snacks and jerky.

Drinking the fat

What is this you ask? Have you heard of eating fat to get thin? Research has shown that fat doesn’t actually make you fat, as long as you are consuming the right types of fat. We have created My Keto Coffee … a blend that contains quality ingredients of local grass fed butter, liquid coconut oil and amino acids.

We then add this to locally roasted barista coffee (tea or chocolate also available) and blend into a delicious, rich and creamy drink. By drinking a Keto Coffee, you will increase the healthy fats in your diet, so you can be a powerHouse of energy! If you would like to know more about Keto Fuel beverages drop in and ask Bart at MyFuel.  Go one step further and try the 2 week My Keto Coffee Challenge to see the change it could make for you! Differences you may notice while on the challenge could include: better focus, elevated mood, reduced food cravings, increased energy levels and weight loss.

The Future Direction Of MyFuel

We have some exciting plans for our MyFuel over the next 12 months. To evolve our love of ‘Food as Medicine’ we will install a commercial kitchen and modify the existing pharmacy floor space. This will enable us to offer functional whole foods that fuel our bodies and brains.  This is the foundation of a healthy diet forming the premise of our therapeutic plans for each of our patients’ who visit the My Life My Health Medical | Compounding | MyFuel health destinations.

Nourish Hub

Our produce will be fresh and sourced seasonally from local spray-free and organic farms then prepared into delicious meals that provide essential nutrients. This will assist in forming the building blocks for every function our body performs, including our metabolism, immune system, satiety centres and neurotransmitters or as we like to call it “Nutrients that talk to our genes”.

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